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Precision Precast Refractory Shapes

Any size refractory shape can be precisly cast and fired in our shop to serve as lining components for refractory vessels where standard size brick will not fit or conventional refractory castables or plastics cannot be fired in properly.

Fabricated Furnace Components

We have the capability of combining a steel vessel and refractory lining into a single engineered component with proper anchorage, backup insulation, casting, gunning, ramming or bricking the refractory lining and pre-firing the completed unit for immediate use. We will assist you in the design of the component and the selection of the materials that will give you the best service and efficiency.

Long Lasting Refractory Burner Pipe systems for rotary kilns

Is your current rotary kiln burner pipe not lasting long enough and/or you experiencing premature failure of your pipe? Give us a call and let us design a long lasting refractory lining for your burner pipe? We have over 40 years in helping cement plant operators achieve rock hard performance for their burner pipe.

Inspection and Consulting Services

Our staff includes experts in the design, selection, and installation of refractory linings in almost all industries that utilize high temperatures in their process. We can assist you in designing new equipment, calculating heat transfers, laying out anchorage systems, inspecting old linings and recommending the best repair procedure. We also can perform failure analysis and testify as expert witnesses.

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