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NORTON VA 1213 Dry Vibratable in 50lb bag

NORTON VA 1213 Dry Vibe Refractory in 50lb bag buy now
Price: $157.11
VA 1213 is a fused alumina based dry vibratable refractory utilizing a spinel bond designed for coreless induction furnaces melting steel. Utilizing high purity raw materials and a proprietary grain size distribution VA 1213 rams to a dense low porosity monolithic lining. After sintering, VA 1213 exhibits positive permanent expansion which helps to seal the hot face while providing a dense, unsintered safety back up. The alumina-magnesia spinel bond has high resistance to chemical attack by slags. It has a relatively high maturing temperature and is sintered through the use of a meltout form.

Typical Chemical Analysis % Al2O3 86.5 MgO 11.8 TiO2 0.4 Fe2O3 0.1 SiO2 0.6 Other 0.6

Typical Physical Properties Grainsize 6F Density 190 lbs/ft3

Initial Sinter Temperature 2,350°F Final Sinter Temperature 2,350°F Maximum Use Temperature 3,300°F

Packaging Supplied dry in 50-pound capacity, moisture resistant, polyethylene lined paper bags. Shelf Life Nine months if stored in a cool, dry location. Installation and Sintering Procedures Refer to installation bulletin MM-AP-IT1.
Item Number: NORTONMXVA1213

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