2300f/1250C Insulating Firebrick price per box QTY 12

Refractory Insulating Firebrick IFBs

Z-23 9" Straight 9X4.5X2.5 2300F IFB

Service temp 2300F/1250C low iron Insulating Firebrick. This is a very soft brick and special handling charge may apply. We do not recommend shipping via UPS unless in pre-packaged wooden crates extra shipping charges may apply depending on order quantity. 12 bricks per box. Size: 64mm (9") straight 230 x 114 x 64mm (9" x 4-1/2" x 2-1/2") MADE IN THE USA $25.00 special handling charge per box if shipped via UPS.

Price: $62.92
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  Z-23 9" Straight 9X4.5X2.5 2300F IFB - 2300f/1250C Insulating Firebrick price per box QTY 12


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