50% Alumina Phosphate bonded plastic with LONG SHELF LIFE

Refractory Plastic


PLASTECH 50P is a 50% alumina, phosphate bonded plastic that exhibits higher strengths to withstand mechanical abuse and better alkali resistance than conventional heat set plastics. Features: • Long shelf life of 6 months = Less waste • Stable workability over time = More user friendly • Excellent pliability = More user friendly and less time to install. • Available in Soft, Standard, and Firm Consistency • PLASTECH 50P uses ANH PLUS Technology and can be fast fired. Applications: PLASTECH 50P is an outstanding 50% plastic and can be used in many applications where temperatures do not exceed 2900F. Typical applications include: Low temperature incinerators Aluminum Furnace Upper Sidewalls Steel Reheat and Heat treating furnaces Brass and Bronze ladle linings General Steel Mill and Foundry Maintenance

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