2600F/1475 Extra-Strength Conventional Gunning Castable


LO-ABRADE GR PLUS is a 2600F/1475C dense abrasion resistant gunning refractory castable. It exhibits exceptional resistance to abrasion, erosion, rubbing, high energy impact, high furnace gas velocities, and high temperatures. LO-ABRADE GR PLUS is also suitable for specialized furnace atmospheres due to its low iron oxide content. Excellent choice for Ash Hoppers in coal fired powered plants. Applications: Typical applications are linings for cyclones, duct linings which carry abrasive particles, cement and lime rotary kiln chain sections, cement plant preheaters, alumina flash calciners, combustion chambers, iron ore direct reduction plants, coal gasification plants, and power plant ash hoppers. GUN GRADE NOT RECOMMENDED TO BE USED AS A CASTABLE 55lbs/25kg bags 72 bags per pallet

Price: $48.65
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