2500/1390C Extra Strong Insulating Gunning Castable


One of your most popular insulating castables! 2500F Insulating Gunning Castable that offers exceptional strengths with low densities and thus high insulating. 55LB/25KG BAGS 72 BAGS PER PALLET Density: 77lbs/ft3 or 1.23g/cm3 Modulus of Rupture lb/in2 MPa 220F (105C) 800 5.5 1500F (815C) 400 2.8 Cold Crushing Strength 220F (105C) 3400 23.4 1500F (815C) 2000 13.8 Permanent Linear Change 220F (105C) Nil 1500F (815C) -0.1 2400F (1315C) -1.0 Thermal Conductivity At a Mean Temperature of Btu•in/hr•ft2•F W/m•C 400F (205C) 4.6 0.66 800F (425C) 3.7 0.53 1200F (649C) 3.6 0.52 1600F (871C) 3.8 0.55 Uses: GREENLITE-45-L GR is an ideal candidate for fluid catalytic cracking units, fluid cokingunits, and other industrial linings requiring low densities and high strengths. MADE IN THE USA

Price: $62.71
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