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Refractories West #: IWMOLD2900P
$34.79 / TUBE

Description: 2300°F Ceramic Fiber PUMPABLE Material in larger 29 oz caulking tubeDescription: 2300°F Ceramic Fiber Pumpable MaterialINSWOOL PUMPABLE is a 2300°F ceramic fiber, putty-like consistency material, especially formulated for pumping with special equipment. It isusually used for pumping behind existing hot face linings for insulating purposes; however it can be used to fill small voids and thin cracks.INSWOOL PUMPABLE is a light weight material with very low thermal conductivity, and therefore a good insulator. It dries to a firm, board-likeconsistency, for good sturdy integrity. Its ability to compress makes it ideal for expansion joints, and for filling contraction cracks. In addition it isused in contact with molten aluminum.Although normally used as a backup material for hot spots, as mentioned above, when used as a hot face material, the INSWOOL PUMPABLE hasexcellent thermal shock resistance, and can be dried or put into service immediately with no pre-heat required, with the exception of direct moltenmetal contact. Then the INSWOOL PUMPABLE should first be thoroughly dried, and fired, to remove all mechanical water the entire depth of thematerial, to avoid dangerous steam explosion.INSWOOL PUMPABLE is also furnished as a Trowelling or hand-packing material called INSWOOL MOLDABLE.
NMFC Code: 103300-4
Freight Class: 175
Item Weight: 2.00 lbs