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Refractories West #: EXP27P55X0P
$70.40 / BAG

Description: Dense, Self-Flowing Refractory CastableFeatures: High density and very good abrasion resistance properties are ideal for hot face lining material. Can also be vibration cast using reduced water levels, providing properties superior to those attained at self-flowing consistency. Uses: Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) transfer lines, cyclones, air heaters, and boilers. Rotary kiln linings and lifter shapes. Precast shapes. Furnace door jambs and lintels. Annealing furnace cartops. Aluminum holding furnace upper sidewall and roof regions. Silica (SiO2) 42.2%Alumina (Al2O3) 49.6%Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) 1.1%Titania (TiO2) 1.9%Lime (CaO) 4.2%Magnesia (MgO) 0.2%Alkalies (Na2O+K2O) 0.8% Physical Data (Typical) Vibration Cast P Maximum Service Temperature 2700F (1482°C) Material Required 139 lb/ft3 (2.23 g/cm3) Cold Crushing StrengthAfter 230F (110C) 13,000 psi (89.7 MPa)After 1500F (816C)14,000 psi (96.6 MPa)After 2000F (1093C)9,700 psi (67.0 MPa)
NMFC Code: 32280-3
Freight Class: 50
Item Weight: 55.00 lbs