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Dry Milled Fireclay in 55lb/25kg bags

Refractories West #: DMFC2055X0P
$45.82 / BAG

Description: 20 MESH DMFC is a dry, granular, plastic fireclay. This is used as a granular raw material as required in industry. And used as firing clay in the making of pottery. Physical Properties: (Typical) Pyrometric Cone Equivalent:Orton Standard Cones 31 Quantity Required to lay 1,000 9x4.5x2.5 Brick (2292 x 114 x 63 mm) Brick = 475 lbs. 216 kg (Dipping Consistency) Particle Size (Dry) Maximum Retained on 12 Mesh (1.40mm opening) Less than 1.0%Maximum Retained on 16 Mesh (1.00mm opening) Less than 2.0% Typical Through 100 Mesh (0.15mm opening) 75%> MADE IN THE USA
NMFC Code: 32280-3
Freight Class: 50
Item Weight: 56.00 lbs