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Refractories-West Inc. was incorporated in 1987 to serve as an exclusive distribution and service organization in the Rocky Mountain area for the A. P. Green Refractories Co. after the closure of their Standard Division plant in Pueblo Colorado. The Standard plant was built in 1890 to serve the steel and smelting industries and although modified and modernized over the years to meet the needs of newer industries, it remained a very old and antiquated facility with a limited product line. A. P. Green had other manufacturing plants around the country which could better supply the refractory products needed in this market.

James D. Carter resigned as Western Region Manager of A. P. Green in 1987 and along with J. Park Hill and other select employees of the A. P. Green Pueblo operation, established Refractories-West Inc. They acquired all of the inventory, assets and records of the Pueblo facility and became the exclusive Distributor of A. P. Green products in the Rocky Mountain Area.

The merger in 1998 of A .P. Green Industries and Harbison-Walker Refractories Co. led to the consolidation of the two product lines under the Harbison-Walker name and greatly enhanced the variety and scope of refractory materials available. The subsequent acquisition of Harbison-Walker Refractories Co. by ANH Refractories in January 2000 and the merging of their U.S. refractory division, North American Refractories Co. with the A. P. Green and Harbison-Walker product lines under the new name ANH Refractories has created one of the largest, most complete and far reaching refractory companies in the world.

Refractories West is proud to have been chosen to represent these companies though these transitions and now as the primary Distribution Representative in the Rocky Mountain West for ANH Refractories.

In addition to maintaining a large inventory of refractory brick, castables, plastics, insulation materials, mortars and anchors we also operate a very experienced cast shop at our Pueblo facility which can fabricate refractory shapes and reline furnaces, combustion chambers etc. Shapes as small as a few pounds to over 20 ton monolithic linings have been completed in our shop.

We also are the only authorized distributor of Thermbond instant pour and use refractory castables manufactured by Stellar Industries. These unique products have the ability to set up in minutes and can be heated up immediately to effect rapid repairs in critical operations.

Our success is based on being able to respond to every refractory requirement with immediate inspection, analysis of the problem, engineering of a solution and providing the required products in the least amount of time. We are also available at any time to supervise and assist in the proper installation and heat-up of our products. Most of this service just comes with the product at no extra charge. Our chili pepper hard-hat stickers best describe our logo "e;Red Hot Service"e;.

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