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Refractory Plastic
Price: $106.24
PLASTECH 85P is a 85% alumina, phosphate bonded plastic

High Alumina, Phosphate Bonded, Plastic Refractory
Physical Properties:

PLASTECH 85P is a new generation of high alumina, phosphate bonded plastic with
excellent strength, outstanding slag resistance, good resistance to alkali attack, and
volume stability at high temperatures.
Features: • Long shelf life of 6 months = Less waste
• Stable workability over time = More user friendly
• Excellent pliability = More user friendly and less time to install.
• Available in Soft, Standard, and Firm Consistency
• PLASTECH 85P uses ANH PLUS Technology and can be fast fired.
Applications: PLASTECH 85P is a premium bauxite based phosphate bonded plastic, that can be used
all applications where an 85% alumina plastic is preferred. This includes:
Linings for Incinerators and Afterburners
Aluminum contact such as sidewalls and ramps
Steel contact applications such as ladles bottoms and lip rings
Iron contact applications such as ladles
Metal contact for brass, bronze and zinc
Metal Reheat furnaces.

55LB/25KG boxes 60 boxes per pallet
Item Number: PLASTCH85PP

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