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NORTON TA 1211 Topping Cement 50lb Pail

NORTON TA 1211 Refractory Topping Cement packaged in a 50lb pail
Price: $101.26
TA-1211 high alumina based topping cement is a high purity, material with air-setting bonds developed for various ferrous and non-ferrous melting applications. It is designed for use in the area above the metal level of a refractory lined induction furnace when obtaining proper sintering temperatures in this area is difficult.

TA-1211 is a wet mix that is supplied in airtight plastic buckets ready for immediate use.

Typical Chemical Analysis: % Al2O3 82.4 SiO2 12.6 Fe2O3 1.2 TiO2 2.5 Na2O 0.92 Other 0.38

Typical Physical Properties: Grain Size 4F and Finer Dry Rammed Density 143.5lbs/ft3 (3040 kg/m3) Maturing Temperature Air Setting Material Maximum Use Temperature 3200ıF (1760ıC)

Packaging: TA-1211 is supplied wet in 50 pound (22.7 kg) buckets.

Shelf Life: TA-1211 has a shelf life of six months if stored in a cool, dry place. Care must be taken not to allow the cement to freeze or dry out.

Installation Procedures: Refer to bulletin MM-AP-IT1
Item Number: NORTONTA1211

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